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What does an internship with Euroace look like?

An opportunity to intern abroad means not only gaining relevant industry skills, but gaining valuable experience beyond just the workplace from living overseas. It is about personal development, meeting new people, making business contacts, traveling the world and getting to know new cultures.
It can be a little overwhelming for a fresh graduate stepping into the career world, even if you have some temporary or part-time work experience. Nevertheless, consider an internship as an ideal way to step firmly into the world of work. 

What can I expect from my internship experience abroad?

Internships give students a chance to learn more about their field of study in a «real world» scenario, and in this case possible something different from how similar companies function in their home countries. Most of the internships placements are part-time or with flexible working schedules so students still have time to explore Valencia and Spain, as well as have some time to work on improving Spanish language skills, enjoy the beaches of Valencia, make new friends and connections etc.

How does the placement process work?

The placement process begins once the student shares their resume and a motivation letter to explain their expectations and preferences. We analyze each students profile, resume and motivation letter to form a complete idea of their internship preference, which is typically based on their field of study, personal interests, and previous experience. Once we know the student’s preferred sector and specific interests, along with their Spanish level, we then contact the appropriate companies that we consider to be the best fit for the student’s requirements. 

What industry sectors can I choose from? 

We offer many different sectors to choose from for the internships. Students can choose among the following industry sectors:  Business, Administration, Biochemistry, Communications, Engineering, Education, Finance, Hospitality, Marketing, NGOs, Nursing, Nutrition, Sports, and more!

Will I have any help while I’m there?

We ensure the internship will meet the student’ s expectations in terms of skills, knowledge and work experience and we know the companies looking to take on interns very well. From the very beginning all interns are assigned a supervisor at their chosen company, who will act as a mentor for them during their placement. We are in constant contact with the student, the company and the supervisor, to make sure everything is running smoothly, to monitor the progress and to make sure the intern is having a positive experience.

If you wish to consider getting an internship placement soon, click here to check out more information about the different industry sectors. 


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