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November 1st: «All Saint’s Day»

Do you know the true origin of Halloween? Did you know that in many countries November 1st is a national holiday?
Nowadays we don’t think much about why we celebrate Halloween, but the reason Halloween came to be what it is today is based on the religious holiday known as “All Saint’s Day”.
According to tradition, this holiday commemorates those who are already in heaven and the connection they have to those still living. Not only do people honor their own ancestors on this day, but also the saint’s.


How do they celebrate in Spain?


This is a national holiday in Spain, which falls on a Friday this year. It is a day to remember loved ones and it is known as «Todos los Santos».
Traditionally, people from all over the country travel back to their hometowns in order to visit the graves of their relatives, where they leave flowers to honor their ancestors.


Any other customs on this day?


It is typical to eat a few sweet treats on All Saint’s Day. One of these is known as ‘huesos de santo’, which literally means ‘saint’s bones’. It is a sweet delicacy made of marzipan and sweet egg yolk. Another treat the Spaniards might eat are called “buñuelos de viento”, or ‘wind fritters’ – according to legend, when you eat one, a soul will be set free from purgatory!

In some parts of Spain they also eat almond cakes called ‘pannellets’, along with roasted chestnuts.


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