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5 Things To Do Before You Leave For a Gap Year

So you’ve made the decision to take a Gap Year and you’re ready for the adventure that awaits! Right now you may be stressing out a little bit while trying to pack your luggage and prepare yourself for traveling abroad. Here’s a list of the most important things you should definitely do before leaving your home and your country for some time.

Organize your travel documents

Depending on the country where you are going to travel and live, you will need certain documents to be able to cross the borders. That includes your I.D., health insurance, your passport and visa or immigration paperwork. Remember that it may take a long time to process these documents, and be sure to apply for this with sufficient time in advance.

Save enough money to travel

Taking a gap year is not free and it is really necessary to save an appropriate amount of money. A successful way to do that is having a separate savings intended solely for a gap year. Try to outline your travel budget which will help you organize your money.

Pack up the right things

You will have to stuff all the things you need into one or two pieces of luggage. Therefore it is essential to choose wisely which belongings you are going to take with you. Besides the most important things you need like clothes or cosmetics, it is also worth it to take necessities such as a camera, a journal or a pocket dictionary.

Prepare your family and friends 

Let your family and friends know about your gap year as soon as possible so they have time to absorb the idea. While abroad keep in touch with them via Skype calls or make sure you text them regularly.

Currency Exchange

Although it is possible to pay by card in many places, it is always better to be prepared and carry some cash in your wallet or pocket. Check before your departure what currency your destination country uses and exchange an adequate amount of money. Regardless, it is safer to have a larger sum of money on the credit card. 

For more suggestions on what to pack, check out this blog article which breaks down the necessities!

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