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Our Top Tips to Become Fluent in Spanish

Have you been learning Spanish for some time but despite all the effort, you still cannot say with certainty “Hablo español con fluidez“? If you wish to speak Spanish fluently then we highly recommend you focus on the following tips … they may just help you to find your Spanish voice.


  1. Speaking is essential!

Most people are afraid of making mistakes when speaking in their second language, especially if they talk to natives. The truth is, speaking is one of the best ways to improve your language skills. It’s where you practice putting the verb forms and vocabulary together, and start making sense of the language. So don’t be afraid of possible mistakes you could make and just keep talking. That way, the mistakes you make will become your teacher and your speaking will become more fluent by the day! Talk to your Spanish friends or join a language exchange to develop your language skills even more.


  1. Take the leap –  Move abroad

What could be more helpful and efficient than immersing yourself in the culture of the country where everybody speaks the language you are learning? Moving abroad is key to achieving fluency so if you have the chance and the time to do it, we say go for it! Of course, simply moving abroad won’t help – you need to talk with the native speakers and ideally make local friends too.


  1. Speak to yourself!

Not only talking to others but also thinking in the language you are learning enriches the ability to express yourself. So, next time you are self-talking in your head, switch to Spanish and think of the way you would say it to a native speaker. Believe it or not, this kind of internal practicing can make a huge impact on increasing your fluency in Spanish.


  1. Listen to podcasts and audio books

Even though you won’t practice your speaking skills while listening to podcasts or audio, listening is still a non-negligible tool that can help you reach native like fluency without hard work. You will improve your listening skills, add structure to your learning and expand your vocabulary.


  1. Don’t give up!!

There will be times when you will find it difficult to express yourself in another language and you may feel like giving up. Maybe you are wondering if the level of your Spanish is good enough but you should always bear in mind that this is a part of the language learning process, too. So take it easy, focus on your progress and enjoy an adventurous path to fluency!


If you are looking to further your learning and take your Spanish to the next level then take a look at our Spanish language courses.



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