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5 Advantages of an Internship for Current Professionals

Khalifah, one of our current interns, shared his perspective on participating in an internship while already having employment experience. Read below to find out five advantages of being an intern even if you have already started out on your career path.

5 Advantages of an Internship for Current Professionals

1. A way to re-market themselves: 

Internships are one way of many which help to develop a set of marketable skills, to connect previous skills with new skills. This makes the professional more valuable to any company, by improving his/her ability to develop and create. 

2. Start a new career path: 

It may be hard to think about starting over or having ideas about a job in another sector, but sometimes it is the move one needs to take. Having working experience can help one understand the sector more fully and knowing what skill requirements are needed in order to make the switch successfully.

3. Trying or examining a new field or sector: 

Interning in a new sector gives one the chance to try things out and see if that specific field suits them. It allows them to find out what it’s actually like to work in that field, or what doing a certain job is like. Of course it also helps them to gain experience in the sector, which is useful when actually applying for jobs. 

4. The traineeship provides a network:

Networking is another major tool which helps one to be more marketable to a company. Networking requires one to listen to other people and find out what they do and how they do it. Along with figuring out how to build skills sets which are valuable to the job, having connections might lead to a job position in the future. 

5. The intern will add value to the company where they intern:

Having mature interns will create a great work environment within the company since the intern is already a professional and has previous work experience. Plus, the company will benefit by having someone who is hungry to learn and loyal to work. 

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