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Student Interview: 6 Week Spanish Course and Host Family

Laura is a student from Mississippi who came this summer to Valencia to study Spanish. After 6 weeks of her stay she shared her experience with us.

Why did you choose Euroace in Valencia?

I knew that I wanted to learn Spanish during my summer break so I searched for Spanish classes in Spain. A lot of them were connected with universities but in Euroace I didn’t need to be with a group. Also, I thought that Valencia is really good place to choose because it is a big city but not super touristic.

How was your experience living with a host family?

I am really thankful, it has been a unique way how to learn Spanish and experience the city. My host mum treated me really nice. She doesn’t speak any English so I was practicing Spanish a lot. But she was always sweet to me and also fun.

Did you enjoy Spanish classes?

They were really fun classes! I met a lot of new people there and I am going to miss all of them, they were all cool. I started in the lowest level class and at the beginning we basically didn’t know any Spanish so we always tried to help each other. It is interesting to see how other students who already speak multiple languages just catch up and learn a lot in a short time. 

Could you see any improvements of your Spanish skills?

Oh my goodness, yes! When I came here I didn’t know Spanish at all and now I can write in Spanish, I can listen to a Spanish conversation and speak a little. I would absolutely come back again. 

What was the biggest cultural difference?

I think the eating times. I had heard only about siesta but there is also a difference in having dinner so late and on the contrary the breakfast being smaller. This is totally different. And everything is closed during the afternoon from 2 to 5 which is strange to me, too.

How would you rate your overall experience in Valencia?

Definitely 10/10. I think I really improved my Spanish due to the classes I took at Euroace with Carmen, my teacher. She was really patient but at the same time fun and everyone here in Euroace has been really helpful. I truly don’t want to go back home.

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