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How to maximize your intern abroad experience?

An internship abroad is a challenging and diverse experience, presenting you with new situations and giving you the chance to put all your skills into practice in a real world setting.

Here’s a quick list of ways you can make the most of your internship, in order to make it a rewarding and enhancing experience while you’re here.


1. Take it step by step

There will be a lot to get used to; a new office, new colleagues and even a new language on top of all of this. Of course you will feel nervous and uncomfortable at first, but don’t worry! Number one is to be patient with yourself and do your best. Take it day by day, and gradually you will learn and grow in your new environment.

2. Embrace novel situations

Of course you have a specialty and you’d like to do work within this area, but remember, this experience is to learn new things and step outside of your area of expertise too. So be okay with that and take on new challenges as they come.

Why? Because you’ll learn so much more! You’ll enhance your credentials / resume and you’ll come out of this experience as a much more prepared future employee.

3. Connect and communicate

This is a unique opportunity to meet professionals in your field, in a new country. Use it! Learn from them, ask questions, discuss projects and theories, and network!

If you truly engage with the people you work with, get to know them and learn from them, you’ll be able to get more than a short term internship out of your placement. We have had some of our interns gain jobs here, and while this is not guaranteed, it shows that with hard work and enthusiasm, more opportunities can arise.

4. Positive points

Even if the internship turns out to be not exactly what you had in mind, at least this has helped you to see that you’re not on the right path or you prefer to do something a bit different. New challenges and tasks are a great way to learn about what you do prefer to do and what you don’t. Either way, a positive and proactive mindset makes the placement a useful one!


5. Ask questions

While this may be obvious, it is important to finish on this! To maximize your internship, asking your supervisor and new colleagues questions is a great way to gain 100% from your experience. Understanding the workplace, the research projects and the industry is the best way to improve your knowledge and skills. So don’t wait to ask, be enthusiastic and learn as much as you can.


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