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Student Interview: 4 Week Summer Internship

One of our Summer students (Hannah from the USA), let us know about her experience in Valencia – she was here for 4 weeks, living with a host family, studying Spanish, and participating in an internship. Find out more below!

1. Why did you choose to come to Valencia?

I chose to come to Valencia because it is a unique region of Spain that isn’t as well-known as other Spanish cities/regions. I was confident in choosing Euroace because I felt that this program could provide me with the best experiences all around.

2. What type of cultural differences did you experience?

It was difficult to speak with my host mom for the first week or so, but we quickly learned how to best communicate with each other and I gained more confidence in my Spanish-speaking abilities. Other than that, I experienced day-to-day cultural differences between Valencia and my hometown, but nothing negative.

3. What was your most memorable highlight from Valencia?

There were so many parts of my trip that I enjoyed, but my most memorable highlight would be spending time with other students in class and outside of class. I hung out with people I recognized from my hometown but didn’t necessarily know, and I also met new people. Simply getting to know other students and sharing our time exploring the city is what is most memorable for me.

4. How did you benefit from doing an international internship?

I enjoyed my internship and the IALE School offered me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had as an education student back home. It was also interesting to have experience in a British/Spanish school system.

5. What was your favorite Euroace activity?

I loved the language exchanges at St. Patrick’s! The locals who attend the event are awesome.

6. How was your experience living with a host family?

I absolutely loved living with my host mom, Alicia. I was very nervous when I first got to Valencia, and although it was difficult to speak to one another sometimes, we became great friends. My Spanish skills would not have improved as much as they did during my trip had I not lived with a host family. Alicia went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable and helped me become fully immersed in the culture.

7. How would you rate your overall experience in Valencia?

10/10! I love Valencia!

8. Anything else you’d like to add? 

Thanks so much for all you guys do at Euroace! My experience was wonderful and I already miss Valencia so much. I feel like my Spanish-speaking abilities improved so much while I was in Valencia, and I wish I could have stayed for another month (or 6). My host mom was the best and I met so many wonderful people.

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