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Why a Summer Spanish Course In Spain?

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Or you’d really like to give your Spanish level a boost? Spanish is an important language worldwide when it comes to travelling, studying and international communication. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should learn Spanish this summer, and why you should do it in Spain!


  1. Learning Spanish will open your mind

Studying Spanish is not only about learning grammar and vocabulary… it is a chance to discover a new culture and a new perspective! Your learning experience will expose you to all sorts of customs, cultural behaviors and ways of life, creating a new outlook on the world and a different mindset. If you learn in Spain, you will be surrounded by all of these wonderful cultural aspects and get to know the culture directly through the Spanish citizens.

  1. Travelling

If you love to travel and you want to see more places and cultures, Spanish is a great language to have in your arsenal. Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and many more are some of the awesome places you can visit and truly get to know if you speak the language; discovering the great cultural and artistic wealth these places have to offer!

And don’t forget, if you come to Spain to learn Spanish, you are very close to many other cultures and countries, so if you have the travel bug you can easily hop to other European countries after you course!


  1. Spanish Culture

The Spanish culture in Spain is rich and unique and definitely really worth experiencing! From paella and flamenco, to glorious beaches and world renowned ‘fiestas’, Spain is a country full of tradition, beauty and fun! The language is spoken with a different accent as well as different grammatical concepts than South American Spanish, so this is very useful to know and learn!


  1. Native Teachers

A huge advantage of learning Spanish in Spain is learning from native teachers. Taking note of their accent, learning typical phrases and expressions, and getting to know the true ways of natives is a really important part of picking up the language.


  1. Let’s not forget the numbers

There are currently 572 million Spanish speakers in the world. Learning Spanish will give you the chance to communicate with so many more people on a global scale and really get to know people from Spanish speaking countrie!. What’s more, there’s an increasing amount of students and workers learning Spanish nowadays so you will meet a lot of people willing to practice the language along the way, just like you!


Surely now, there’s no reason not to come here for a few weeks/ months to master Spanish! If you are interested in our Spanish courses in Valencia, check out our website here.

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