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Summer time in Valencia = beach!

If you’re located in Valencia, like us, you will have noticed that the weather is getting warmer each day, which only means one thing… Summer is almost here!!


And we are sure that the first thing that comes to mind when you link these two concepts, Valencia and summer… is the beach!!

Valencia Beaches

As you know, Valencia is located on the East coast of Spain and it is one of the few big cities in Spain that is right next to the beach, without having to get there by car. It’s a long beach with fine, golden sand that extends from the port of Valencia to the village of Alboraya, in the North of the city. In fact, it’s only one beach, but it’s divided into three main areas.
“Las Arenas”
“La Malvarrosa”
and “Patacona” beach.
The first beach, “Las Arenas”, is the closest one to the port, and the easiest to get to by public transport. It takes only five minutes walking from the tram station “Marina Reial Joan Carles I”. Its name comes from the old spa located in the area, called “Las Arenas”, which nowadays is a luxury hotel with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

If we go a bit further north, we come to the “Malvarrosa” beach. You probably won’t notice the change from one beach to the other, because there’s not a big difference between both of them. “Malvarrosa” beach is the most crowded and visited in the city, because of its water. The reason is that it is not so close to the port as “Las Arenas” is, so its water is a little bit cleaner than the other one. It’s called “Malvarrosa” due to a 3km-long field of mallows that used to be there years ago.

The final beach is “La Patacona”. Despite it being located in Alboraya, it’s considered as part of the Valencia beach. It’s the quietest and most peaceful of the three, because it’s the furthest one from the city center and the Port of Valencia. So, if you prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle, this is your best option!

Now it’s your choice. If you want to get tanned under the sun while you have a refreshing bath in the Mediterranean Sea, don’t miss the chance to visit one of the wonderful beaches in Valencia!!!


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