Just a quick note, you will probably want to shop (and buy) a lot of things while in Spain – there are shops on every corner full of trendy clothes and the prices are probably lower than your average stores back home. So, plan to leave extra space in your bag for this, and refrain from shopping for an entire new wardrobe before you travel!

Packing Suggestions:

Bring clothes you can layer, Valencia is hot during the day but cools off at night! Remember you can always do laundry after a week or even a few days, so you won’t need everything you own! Another thing to consider are toiletries and personal items. Stash personal items in a safe and secure place, and only bring smaller toiletry items as they take up space or weight in your suitcase- and you can always buy them when you get here.

Packing Checklist:


Bring Layers – Valencia has many temperatures throughout the day
Light jacket
T-shirts or tank tops for during the day or at night
A couple pairs of pants
A few going out outfits
Girls: Summer dresses or skirts
Plenty of socks and underwear
Swim suit
Swim suit cover-up or beach clothes
Workout clothes

Shoes + Accessories:

Flip flops
Flat sandals
Comfortable walking shoes/tennis shoes/flats
Shoes for going out – wedges or walkable heels (you will be walking everywhere so no need for stilettos!)
Small purse/cross-body bag that can close (with zipper)
Backpack/large bag to carry books or computer
Water bottle you can refill

Personal Items:

Copy of passport (keep in a separate place)
Debit/credit cards/cash – with access to withdraw cash abroad
Phone + charger
Computer/ipad + charger
Converter and/or adapter

*It is better to just buy these when you arrive since sometimes they can break from using a converter. If you can’t live without them even for a day then try to bring small ones and plan to buy them when you arrive!

REMEMBER: You can buy pretty much anything you need other than your passport and credit cards!

If you are interested in studying Spanish during your trip, take a look at our Spanish courses. Why not make the most of your visit here and return home with a new language and a guaranteed novel and unforgettable experience.