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Faculty Interview: Spanish Culture Program

Are you considering taking a student group on a study abroad program? Would you like a faculty led program tailor-made for your students? At Euroace this is exactly what we do.

The students have the chance to gain a unique learning experience in Valencia, enjoying the new culture with their friends.

  1. Why did you choose Valencia as a destination for your Custom Program?

We chose Valencia because it’s a beautiful and calm city,  where walking around with young people is easy and secure.

  1. What did your Custom Program entail?

Our Custom Program was made up of  Spanish language classes combined with cultural activities. We participated in several activities including a Paella cooking course, a walking tour of Valencia, a bike tour of the city and a day trip to a river where we went kayaking.

We also went to the beach, the Aquarium, a water park and to visit a castle in a nearby town. In terms of language classes the students had an hour and a half of Spanish per day. So, we can say the program was full up!

  1. Describe a typical day for your students during their study abroad program.

Students would go to lessons in the morning after breakfast at the accommodation. After the language class we would do one of the activities, like going on a bike tour through the park across the city of Valencia or going on a walking tour of the city centre.

After the first activity of the day, we would have lunch in one of the restaurants booked by Euroace. In the afternoon, after lunch, we would do another activity like the Paella course or the visit to the aquarium, which is the biggest in Europe.

We would then return to the hotel for a little rest before dinner after which, we would take the students for a small walk in the town centre or even to watch a Flamenco show.

        4. What activities did the students take part in where they could interact with local people or other international students?

Every mealtime students had the opportunity to talk to the staff in the restaurant. Also, when shopping, students had the opportunity to practice their Spanish. In addition, during some of the excursions, for example the water park, our students had the opportunity to mingle with other Spanish youngsters.

        5. What were the advantages of taking your students on a study abroad program with Euroace?

The first advantage was that the staff at Euroace organised and booked everything for us; we just had to tell them which activities we wanted to do.
They know Valencia really well so they provided very interesting activities that would not have occurred to us in the first place.
Also without them picking us up from the airport and guiding us through the city, we would have wasted time working out how to get from one place to another. So this was definitely an advantage for the students so they could make the most of their time as well as feeling secure in the city.
Our students had some Spanish classes at the Euroace premises with qualified native Spanish speakers and this really helped them with their Spanish speaking skills.

6. What were the students favorite parts of the program?

The students really enjoyed the range of activities we were involved with. Namely the Paella cooking class, the visit to the Aquarium and the day out at the water park.

7. Is there any advice you’d give to other staff leaders before embarking on a Custom Program to Valencia?

I would say that it’s important to choose the accommodation depending on the age of the students. For example, with a group of kids it’s better to choose a hostel rather than a hotel.


If you want to bring a group of students to Valencia, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Also take a look at our website for more details and more faculty interviews, here.

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