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Student Interview: Beginner Spanish Course

As many new students have arrived this month, we took the time to talk with one of our beginner Spanish students from the Netherlands.  Alejandra let us in on her experience so far, her impressions of Valencia and what to expect when studying abroad.

Q: Which University are you studying at and what degree are you studying?

A: “In this moment I’m not studying, but I have studied Applied Sciences at High school, and in September I will start a degree at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.”


Q: Are you living with a host family or in a student apartment? How has the experience been so far?

A: “I’m living with a host family, and I’m so glad to be with them. They have all been very hospitable and have helped me many times with different issues. They are very sweet. I really like living with a host family.”


Q: How long are you staying in Valencia and why did you choose Valencia?

A: “I’m staying in the city for 2 months, and I’ll go back home before my degree starts. Valencia is a beautiful city, and what I found searching on the internet before coming here is that it is cheaper than other big cities. I saw a lot of young people in the pictures, so I decided to come to Valencia due to its young lifestyle.”


Q: Why did you decide to learn Spanish? Have you studied Spanish before?

A: “I think it’s important to learn as many languages as possible. I really like learning languages, but unfortunately I haven’t studied Spanish before. It’s my first time”.


Q: How are you finding the Euroace Spanish lessons so far?

A: “The teachers are great professionals. I’ve been here for almost a week and I have had three different Spanish teachers, but always with the same method for teaching. They are funny and serious at the same time, and I like that mix”.


Q: What is the most difficult to learn in Spanish for you?

A: “Absolutely grammar. It’s hard for me to learn how to conjugate the irregular verbs, but I’m just starting”.


Q: Are you enjoying the city? What do you like the most?

A: “Yes, I like it. Last night we went to a bar to watch the football match, and it was great. Despite it being a big city, I think is very safe and also very clean. Valencia is a very nice city and I have made some good friends at the Euroace school too”.


Q: Would you come again to Valencia?

A: “Yes, without a doubt I would repeat this experience. In the future if I have the chance I’ll come back”.


Q: Would you recommend the experience?

A: “Yes, of course. I’m so satisfied with the experience, and I would recommend everyone to study abroad, improve their language level, and visit a new city and meet people and make new friends. I think if you have enough time, you must do it”.

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