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How to Get Around in Valencia?

If you don’t have your own mode of transport, walking is definitely the best way to move around Valencia, especially in the city center! Compared to other bigger cities in Spain like Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia has the added advantage of being that bit smaller, making it easier for you to walk from one side of the city to the other.

So, what other ways can you get around the city?


The underground service a.k.a ‘Metrovalencia’ offers you many options to move within the city and into the suburbs. There are 135 stations distributed among 9 lines; 6 of which are metro lines and 3 of which are tram lines. You can easily get to the airport, the Valencia beaches, the city center, hospitals, football stadiums and more via this service, without having to wait for more than 10 minutes at a time!

There are a wide variety of tickets and fares, so before you buy one, be sure to check which one fits your journey better. Find out more here:


If you have claustrophobia or strictly prefer not to travel by the underground, the Valencia bus service is another option. Valencia has an extensive bus network made up of 44 lines with a further 12 lines operating at night.

There are various prices, so check out this link for more details.



If you are going to be in Valencia for a longer time period, cycling would be the best (and healthiest!) choice. It’s eco-friendly, it’s exercise, it’s more fun than public transport… and it’s cheaper!!

Valencia has its own public bike rental service called Valenbisi. It offers you the chance to pick up a bike and go, from more than 275 stations dotted in and around the city. For just 30€ you can take advantage of this service for a whole year, or if you prefer, there’s a weekly option for 13 €.

Take note: the first 30 minutes of every ride are free. From 30 to 60 minutes you pay 1 euro for the weekly pass, or 0.50€ for the yearly one. And each extra hour has a price of 3€ for weekly pass, and 2€ for the long term pass. Anyway, don’t worry, you can simply avoid this by changing your bike every 30 minutes, to restart the free ride.

You have more information at:



This has been a huge hit in Valencia! In just a few months many new companies have been set up like Muving, Molo, Yego, eCooltra, Acciona and Blinkee.City in Valencia.

Each one has its own fares, and way of working. It’s more expensive than public transport, but it’s also faster and more agile. The only requirements necessary are to have a valid driver’s license, and to wear a helmet.


Now there’s no excuse to not get out and about! There are so many ways to move around Valencia and see this wonderful city and all it has to offer! If you want to find out more about Valencia, check out our website.


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