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5 Tips to Help You Learn Spanish in No Time!

Is it time you make the step towards learning Spanish? Whether you are an absolute beginner, or you have some experience with the language, learning smart is the best way. Here are 5 simple but effective tips to take note of, so you can learn Spanish in no time!


It may seem obvious, but it’s really important you don’t forget it!

The best attitude you can have to succeed in any pursuit, is to be consistent and not despair! Even if you feel overwhelmed or you don’t understand as much as you would like, don’t worry. Language learning takes time and what’s more, everybody learns at different rates. Focus on each step, stay consistent, and be patient!

Remember that learning from your own mistakes is the best way to avoid repeating them


A great tip for improving rapidly is by reading texts and books. Or even better, reading media and newspapers! Journalists write creative content and make use of many expressions and idioms that you may not find as frequently in books. Remember the first tip (be patient!) and if you don’t understand some words, you can use a dictionary to translate them. (Nowadays it’s easier with online translators). If you read frequently, you’ll surely be reading autonomously in your new language in no time at all.


Another awesome way to enhance your Spanish is getting used to watching TV in Spanish. If you need to put the  subtitles on, this will help a lot in the beginning. What it really helps with is getting your ear used to native accents and pronunciation. All we advise is that you avoid reality shows, if you don’t want your head to explode!

Stay tuned with the daily news or watch movies / series. Nowadays it’s so easy to look for movies in other languages on your tablet or laptop. Just surf the internet and get ready for a private and entertaining Spanish lesson!



One of the main ways to make a real difference to your Spanish, is to speak to people! You can study, read and listen online or using books, but what really helps is to practice. There’s no better way to practice than talking to natives and listening to them. Cafés and social clubs are an excellent option to find natives, and even more so in Spain, as there are so many of them! Language exchanges or «intercambios» are also a great way to meet people and talk to the locals.

If you are nervous to talk to strangers, make the most of speaking to teenagers. They are more extrovert, and nowadays most of them can speak English as well as other languages, so, there’s no excuse to avoid talking or asking for help. You need to forget the idea that they would be annoyed by you, it’s quite the opposite! They will most likely be willing to help and actually enjoy speaking to you.


And of course, if you want to learn Spanish, we can help!
Our group and private classes make learning suited to you, and our native Spanish teachers are all experienced and dedicated to helping you learn in a natural and practical way.

You can find us in the city center of Valencia! For more info, check out our Spanish courses.

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