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Why Valencia for your Study Abroad Destination?

Are you considering a study abroad trip? Would you like to use it as a way to improve your second language at the same time? If you feel indecisive on which destination is best for you, just read the next few lines! Here are some reasons why Valencia is a great study abroad destination.


Valencia has already been included on the list of the Top 20 cheapest cities in the World, recorded by the travel agency Rumbo. It’s the only Spanish city on the list, so there’s something to think about!

They estimate that a touristic day out in Valencia costs 109€ on average. These expenses include accommodation, food & drink, transport and tickets for museums / other monuments.

If you don’t want to run out of money, this is a good reason to choose Valencia ahead of other Spanish cities like Madrid or Barcelona, whose overall costs are higher.



Despite Valencia being a big city, it’s actually very easy to get around it. All the main streets, squares and monuments are within walking distance and it is not so spread out compared to other Spanish cities.

What’s more, if you haven’t got your own means of transport, don’t worry. Valencia has a wide range of public transport. It’s metro, tram and bus services get you around the city very easily and the link between the metropolitan area and nearby villages is also very good.

But there’s no doubt that the best way to move around the city for long distances is cycling. Valencia is a “bike-friendly” city and counts on its own public bike-rental service called “Valenbisi” which allows the city’s inhabitants to cover almost 120 kilometers of road by bike.


Spain has an assorted and famous gastronomy, with the East of the peninsula offering the healthiest food options in the country. Scientists as well as doctors assure that the Mediterranean diet is the best around, and that’s exactly what you will find if you choose Valencia!

Valencia is famous for its Paella and rice dishes, but there are also many other products it is known for too. Fish and seafood from the Mediterranean Sea are of the highest quality in this area, and fruits like oranges, tangerines, watermelons, tomatoes and more are farmed in the surrounding fields thanks to the glorious weather of this region.

You can also find some culturally typical drinks in Valencia too. “Horchata” is the most famous (made from tiger nuts), and there are also alcoholic varieties too like “Agua de Valencia”, “Cassalla” and “Mistela” which you can find in the local pubs and cafés.



Another huge benefit of the weather in Valencia is the chance to enjoy your free time and holidays outdoors. Especially by going to the breathtaking beaches Valencia has to offer. There are not many important cities in Spain that can offer sunbathing and refreshing bathing in the sea. Valencia has three main sand beaches accessible from the city, either by walking or using public transport. Yet if you prefer a calmer setting, you can choose one of the 28 remaining beaches in this region that are located a little further from the city, awarded with the «blue flag» for their highest quality!

And now we leave it with you. If you would like to discover this amazing city and region, you can come and do so for yourself!

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