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Q&A with an International Soccer Coach

Our soccer coaching programs are becoming more and more popular, and reaching the attention of coaches far and wide!
We recently had a visit from a soccer coach all the way from Japan. During his 1 week visit, we asked him a few questions about his stay in Spain and what his experience was like on our coach development program. Here are some of his responses…

How was your experience on the coach development program?


All the staff gave me excellent supervision. Everyone was very friendly and I really felt like I was living a unique experience!

What did you like about working with Villarreal CF?


The thing that impressed me most was the infrastructure and quality of the facilities at Villarreal football club. Especially the two training centers which were home to the youth player’s residence and two stadiums.

What did you think about the Villarreal CF players ?


I thought the players at Villarreal CF showed a lot of quality and they are at a top level.

Were you able to get hands on experience?

I am living an unforgettable experience but most of all I value the fact that I have been able to partake in the Villarreal training sessions, being right there on the pitch with the trainers and feeling part of the coaching staff.

What did you learn from the Spanish coaches despite the language barrier?

Living and working alongside Spanish colleagues means I am learning how to act as a coach and how to interact with players

What was a highlight of the coaching experience?


One of the most memorable parts for me was when I got to direct the physical activity part of the soccer practice for 5 years olds.

What was the most beneficial part of the experience?


The stay in Villarreal was very productive indeed. Everything that I have learnt regarding the methodology that is used at Villarreal CF is something that I want to apply extensively in our academy.

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