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Student Interview: Perspective on Valencia and Spanish Culture

Elizabeth is a student who came to Valencia with her University from the US for a study abroad program this winter, which included Spanish classes and volunteer work, along with living with a host family. We were able to chat with her about her experience in Valencia and what she liked best, and here’s what she told us:

What do you like most about being in Valencia?

I like the city and the architecture of the city; I love being able to walk around and just seeing the buildings, since back at home we aren’t able to walk around the city in general. Walking around outside I’m always in awe of the facades of different buildings, since it’s so different from architecture in the US.

What was your favorite part of your study abroad experience?

I would say my favorite part overall has been the excursions we’ve been on (Barcelona, Madrid, Xátiva, and Morella). I loved visiting these different cities on our weekend group trips and doing the walking tours where we learned about the cities and their architecture, including Valencia!

What was your biggest challenge while in Valencia?

The main challenge would definitely be the language. Apart from that, the difference in meal times was a big adaptation for me at first. I was hungry for the first few weeks! The communication with my host family and adapting to their meal times took a couple weeks to get adjust to, but after I got used to the differences, things were ok!

What are 3 ways you feel you (or anyone) can benefit from an experience abroad?

Building self confidence, improving my Spanish, and also overcoming the feeling of being alone (without family) in a different country. I understand Spanish so much better and feel that I can speak better. I plan to use this experience, along with my improved Spanish, to apply for internships this coming summer back at home. I now know that I am capable of undertaking challenges like living in a country with another language, and even working/volunteering in another language.

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