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What’s on your 2019 Checklist… Learn Spanish?

Are you thinking about what’s next for you as the New Year approaches? Have you wanted to learn or improve your Spanish for a while but have not had time to put it into action? What’s on your 2019 checklist?

Learning Spanish is a great personal goal to have, and a useful one too! Here’s a breakdown of why learning Spanish should be on your 2019 checklist.


  1. It’s more useful than you think!
    The statistics of Spanish speakers are enough to show you how useful this language can be to learn. There are over 50 million Spanish speakers in the United States alone and over 420 million Spanish speakers worldwide. Just think about that. It means that learning Spanish can open you up to so many more communities and countries. You could actually be able to interact with natives from completely different cultures to your own, and this alone will broaden your horizons and give you access to the world in a way you wouldn’t have been able to without having Spanish as a second language.
  2. Be a better employee or employer
    If you are in a job where you work with diverse communities and families, then speaking their native language can help you to be more useful for them. Likewise, if you have Spanish colleagues, it can help with communication and efficiency in the workplace. You’ll be able to understand things more easily and more quickly if you’re on the same page as them.
  3. Study, work or live abroad
    Learning Spanish can give you the opportunity to not only study in Spain or South America, but to work or live there too. Language barriers are the biggest challenges that non natives face when living abroad, and so, if you take the time to tackle the language, you’ll be well beyond the hardest part!
  4. Keep your brain healthy
    This one’s a no brainer! Recent research has shown the great benefits of being bilingual, one huge one being delaying the onset of Alzheimers and the symptoms of dementia. Staying brain healthy therefore, is enough of a reason to take up Spanish!
  5. Personal growth
    Last but by no means least, learning Spanish can have an effect on your confidence and independence. If you are lost in a foreign country with no English speaker to help, then taking it upon yourself to speak Spanish can feel scary at first. The more you use your Spanish and interact with others who don’t speak your native language, the more you grow in independence as you learn to solve problems by yourself. And of course, confidence is a by product of learning more and becoming a more independent person!The benefits of Spanish go on and on. If you really are motivated to learn or improve your Spanish, then get in touch with us and find out more about our group courses in Valencia, here.Take your Spanish to the next level in 2019, with our help!!

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