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Student Interview: Medical Internship and Living with a Host Family

We took the time to sit down with one of our international students from Germany, to talk about her study abroad program and especially, her experience of living with a host family.
She let us in on what it’s really like to live with a Spanish host family and how she has felt during her time here.


  1. What study abroad program are you doing with Euroace?
    I am doing an Internship in a hospital in Valencia. I go to my internship four days a week and I have been involved in many different areas of the hospital during my placement; like assisting on the reception, shadowing surgical procedures, helping nurses with consultancies and assisting professionals in the emergencies department.
    Also, I take Spanish classes three times a week, in group classes. For my accommodation I am staying with a host family in the city center.


  1. Why did you choose to stay with a host family during your study abroad experience?
    I chose to stay with a host family because I wanted to get to know more about the way of living in Spain. I thought that the option of living in a flat would be more international so I wanted to stay with a host family so that I could know more about the Spanish culture.


  1. How would you describe living with a host family?
    It has been a fantastic way to get to know the way of living here and to learn Spanish at the same time. I think it has really helped me to feel welcomed here and to have good company. My host mother only speaks Spanish so this is good practice and what I really like is that you always have someone to talk to, or someone to ask if you need anything. Staying with a host family means you don’t feel alone and you can feel the family atmosphere around you, even when you are far from home.


  1. Is there anything you have discovered about living with a host family that you hadn’t thought of before doing it? Yes, there have been some things I didn’t expect that have been great for me. For example, my host family asks me if I want to go out with their friends or go to see different parts of the city or region – so there is always the opportunity to do something! Like last week we went to see the Albufera which is a really beautiful lake outside of the city. Also, it is nice to have someone who cares about you and makes you feel welcome, this has been the best part. My host mother asks me about the German culture and our traditions, so it is nice to share this with her too.


  1. Would you recommend other students to try a home stay experience? Yes, 100%! I would definitely recommend a home stay for any student who wants to improve their Spanish and have a great experience in Spain!


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