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’Tis the Season! How to Enjoy the Holidays in Valencia

Whether you’ll be in Valencia over Christmas or just in December, there are so many Christmas festivities to see and take part in that you won’t want to miss! Apart from the streets being filled with Christmas lights making the town seem magical in itself, we’ve gathered a few of the main events and activities you won’t want to miss out on!


Christmas Trees + Nativity Scenes

All over the city you’ll find lights and Christmas decorations, but the most festive areas of the city are the main squares like Plaza Ayuntamiento and Plaza de la Reina. Both will have nativity scenes as well as large Christmas Trees (don’t forget your camera!) The life-size nativity scene in Plaza de la Reina is especially famous since it’s built by Fallas artists!

Ice Skating in the Town Square

Although you wouldn’t normally expect Valencia to be known for ice skating, there is an ice rink right in front of the town hall in the center of the square. Ice skate next to the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music all evening — there’s also a merry-go-round for the kids to enjoy!

Christmas Markets Around the City

There are several locations to see Christmas Markets this year, all with their own unique charm. The largest and most popular market is at The City of Arts and Sciences, which begins December 15th.  Other markets can be found around the city at Market Square (near the Central Market), Plaza de la Reina, Colón Market, and Tapinería Market in the old town where you can enjoy mulled wine and other arts and crafts. Check dates for each location before going – most start out either December 1st or December 14th and run through January 6th.

La Nadalenca at Plaza de Toros

This year for the first time ever, Plaza de Toros will be turned into a Christmas lover’s dream come true. Each weekend different events will be held (think Christmas markets, beer festivals, food markets, and more!), along with performances including comedians, musicals, concerts, and family activities! Opening December 1st, there are events all throughout the month until January 6th!

Train Station Christmas Decor

Whether you’re actually using the train station or not, it’s worth a trip to visit the decorations here. At the north train station (Estación del norte) there will be a special Christmas environment built by the home improvement store, Leroy Merlin, as well a smaller version at the train station right behind it, Joaquín Sorolla.

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