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5 Things to Consider Before Taking a Gap Year!

Are you considering taking a Gap Year? Are you wondering what you need to take into account before embarking on such a big trip? Gap Years are growing in popularity as more and more students are opting to travel abroad and see the world before or during their college education! So, let’s find out more …

What’s a Gap Year?

Most people think of a Gap Year as simply a year off.  In reality, it is so much more than just a year off. It’s a chance to discover the world, your interests and yourself!

What’s more, a Gap Year doesn’t have to simply be a year of traveling … it can include practical and professional experiences too. There are so many programs available which add an educational purpose to your trip, making it so much more than you could think of.


So what do you need to consider before making your choice on a Gap Year….


1. What are your intentions?

It’s always a good idea to set goals in order to formulate an experience that you will enjoy and benefit from. This is a unique trip for you so it’s important to think over your own personal goals and what you really want to get out of the experience. Consider where you would like to go, what you want to learn and if you want to focus on career development at the same time? If you’re unsure, go online and research gap year experiences, there’s so much out there and you will surely find something that you’re passionate about


2. What can you plan ahead of time?

It’s also a good idea to get ahead. Think about the next steps you can tackle now while you have the support of your parents and school/ college officials. This might be application forms, building your resume, organizing official travel documentation, etc.


3. Set a budget

If you’re not careful, a Gap Year can be a very expensive trip. You may earn money but you will most likely be spending money along the way. Talk to experts who can offer smart ways to cut costs and enable you to make the most of your experience from a financial standpoint.


4. Don’t rule out an accredited gap year program

The top three benefits of opting to go with a Gap Year consultant are as follows: firstly, they will take away a lot of the stress of organizing such a big trip, and you’ll feel much more secure knowing you are being assisted by trained professionals. Two, they can help you save money and advise you to spend your money wisely. And thirdly, they’ll launch your Gap Year with structure and clear guidelines – making you feel more prepared and confident in your trip!

5. Make a packing list and use travel guides

Some final words of advice would be to keep in mind the logistics of the Gap Year ahead. Prepare your visa, travel documents, vaccinations, insurance and more, well in advance to make the process a lot smoother. Also, make use of travel guides to cover all bases and feel as prepared as you can be for what is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.

If you need any more information get in touch with us. Also, if you’d like to see what Gap Year opportunities are available for you in Spain, check out our website!

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