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«A Day in the Life» of an Intern in Valencia

What might a typical day look like in the life of an intern in Valencia? 

This is a frequent question we get from students interested in the internship program, so we thought we’d share with you the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of what our students experience during their internship and life in Valencia!

Since programs with Euroace are all customizable, there is not just one schedule applicable to each and every intern. However, we’ll discuss the general schedule and activities below, as well as some of the factors which cause the schedule to vary, so you can see what would be the most possible «typical day» for you!


A few factors to take into consideration which affect each student’s schedule are:

— University requirements for number of internship hours

— Requirements and specific projects from your local supervisor

— Schedules of the company

— Living situation (shared apartment or host family)

— Amount of hours for Spanish classes each week

— Participation in cultural activities


Regarding the internship schedule, usually students will work Monday to Friday, starting around 9-10am and finishing between 2-3pm, (depending on the number of hours required of course). Company locations vary so students will either walk or take public transportation (bus or metro) to and from their internship companies.

If living with a host family, students will usually go home to have lunch with their family (Spanish style, meaning a 1-2 hour lunch)!

Followed by lunch, students will have their Spanish classes. Most students take around 10 hours of group Spanish class each week (2-4 hours each class), which they divide between 2 to 3 days.

Alternatively, if the student’s internship requires working in the afternoons, this would be flipped — they would have Spanish class in the morning, lunch, then work at their internship in the afternoon.

Interns tasks can vary day to day depending on their supervisor’s requirements and current projects, and so each day is different from the next!

In the evenings and on weekends, this is entirely up to the students. We offer a Language Exchange on Thursday evenings which most students join in order to practice their Spanish and make friends! Apart from this, each month there are various cultural activities which are optional to participate in, and in summer there are weekly activities! Activities might include a visit to Albufera (Valencia’s Natural Reserve), beach volleyball, visiting a local museum, or a day trip to a seaside town near Valencia!

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