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3 Effective Teaching Methods We Believe In

Learning Spanish is challenging with all of its verb forms, grammatical structures and native speakers who talk to you at the speed of light! Language learning requires practice, practice and more practice. That’s why we believe in creating a friendly and open environment in which students can tackle the complexities of Spanish and practice in a non judgmental setting.

Every teacher and every approach is different, so let us outline 3 of the most effective teaching methods that we believe to be crucial in helping our students to learn quickly, efficiently and in the most enjoyable way!



Learning in a group environment is not for everyone and some people prefer one on one attention. We understand this but we also believe that there are some extra benefits you gain from learning in a group!

First of all, you can learn from other’s mistakes, as well as your own. This way, you will be exposed to more areas of improvement, and you don’t always have to be the one committing the error! What’s more, a group class enables you to practice conversation with other speakers at the same level as you, reducing the «fear» of speaking publicly in your second language and increasing your opportunities to practice.

Finally, a group class can help you to meet lots of other students, from different backgrounds, and so conversation topics can be more interesting and engaging! And of course, an added bonus is that you can make friends more easily than if you are studying alone.



In a group class, every student will not have exactly the same level, that’s almost impossible. So, this is why our teachers focus on each student individually, within the group environment. If a student is more advanced, they will challenge them with extra questions and activities, where as if a student is at a lower level, the teacher will take this into consideration when bringing them into conversations, offering extra support when needed.

This is really important because group environments are a great way to progress, yet we ensure that the focus is always on each student. Our students come from all over the world, so there are evident differences in the way they pick up the language and process it. Learning is directed therefore in a practical way, using many examples and tools to deliver effective teaching points.



Our teaching approach encompasses practical techniques and activities. The teacher will quickly assess the main mistakes the students are making through speech and from prior written entry tests, and then they will go ahead and apply these points to the teaching materials.

Lessons will focus on communication and interaction as the main source of learning, while introducing grammatical concepts in a more natural and practical way. Pairs work, games, creative activities, presentations, discussions and debates are some of the ways we facilitate learning and in this way, we believe our students grasp the real nature of the language, as opposed to the textbook version!


Practicing and using the language are vital! We offer FREE language exchanges as an event open to the public every Thursday, so get in touch with us to find out more about this opportunity!

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