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Why Stay With a Host Family?

Perhaps you’re thinking of studying abroad or working in a new place, and you are stuck on what to do for accommodation. If you are living in a new culture, a host family can bring out the best of the experience. So if you haven’t thought about it … here are some reasons why it could be the best option for you!

Local ways

If you live with local people, you’ll find out more about everything to do with the local culture; where to shop, what to buy, timetables, the best ways to get around the city, local routines and more. You will really delve into the true culture as opposed to watching it from afar. Also, if you are interested in integrating in the culture and getting to know the local community, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!

Home away from home

Maybe you are a home body or you like your home comforts. In a way, a host family can be like a «home away from home». You’ll have the home cooking, the comfortable living and a family around you. This can feel welcoming and supportive, especially as you embark on a new adventure in a foreign place.

Good advice

As a tourist, sometimes we can be fooled into making mistakes, paying double or not taking the necessary precautions. If you are living with a local, they can guide you and help you to avoid simple mistakes. They can also be there to offer the best advice in terms of the what you should see, do, eat and visit in the city!

Homemade recipes

Even when you travel directly to the country itself, sometimes you still don’t get to experience the unique cuisine of the region. Often, dishes in restaurants are made more commercial and are not the authentic meals you’d find being prepared in the homes of the locals. Living with a host family really can open your taste buds up to the local cuisine and give you a true Spanish experience!

Family Outings

Families have special outings, events and activities. If you are staying with a host family, you can join in with special celebrations or annual trips that are unique and true to the culture. For example, going to a family birthday party or celebration can open your eyes to the way the Spanish really celebrate, or going on a family excursion can make you aware of the different ways they enjoy their free time.


A huge reason to try a home-stay is picking up the language. If you are on a study abroad experience or a Spanish course, this can greatly complement your language learning. From the moment you wake up, everything you try to accomplish throughout the day will need to be translated and you will have to try your best to communicate in order to be understood. It is invaluable practice, and fun too!


To find out more about our Host Family opportunities, click here. All of our host families have years of experience and we ensure that they are supportive, caring and welcoming in nature.
So, if you are unsure of where to stay, why not give a host family a go?

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