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The Less Obvious Benefits of Yoga

Valencia is a city that takes full advantage of the outdoors for exercise and daily life. As we’ve discussed here, the options are endless for how you can enjoy activities outside in this city. You’ll find people throughout most of the year running, biking, and doing other forms of exercise (like crossfit or yoga) outside in the park, at the beach, or anywhere there is space! At Euroace we take advantage of the rooftop terrace to enjoy yoga classes and watch the sun set over the city each week. Now we’ll discuss just why we do yoga and why it could be good for you too!

We’ve already mentioned some of the physical benefits yoga has on the body here, but now we’ll get into some of the (not so obvious) benefits a regular yoga practice can create on a more internal level. Many of the physical and non-physical benefits go hand in hand, and in fact can help us realize just how connected our physical, mental and emotional health really are. 

For example, by calming the nervous system through yoga practice we can reduce stress and anxiety. Simply by doing breathing exercises common in yoga our mind beings to relax and we become more focused, less anxious, and even develop a better quality of sleep due to these benefits. All of which can in turn have positive effects on other areas of our life, including work or school.

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 of the less obvious benefits yoga can have:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Combats anxiety and depression
  3. Improve quality of sleep
  4. Helps with breathing problems such as asthma
  5. Boosts heart health 
  6. Increases immunity and fights infections
  7. Improves focus
  8. Can aid in fertility issues
  9. Boost self-esteem
  10. Create an overall healthy lifestyle

Join us at the rooftop terrace of Euroace where we practice yoga each week! Conact us to find out the schedule, or check out more upcoming activities at Euroace here!

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