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An Internship Abroad …It’s More Than You Think!

There comes a time when we need to choose what career path we want to take, contemplate what jobs to apply for and consider which concentrations to focus on. An internship can form a necessary part in helping to make these vital decisions! It really is a great way to access your chosen field and gain an insight into what can be expected in the real world.



Internships are often required during college courses or are highly recommended before you apply for jobs! Interning on your college campus or at a local company can offer useful experience in your field, and can easily fulfill your credits. However, if you’re looking for an experience that goes beyond credits and challenges you in new ways – why not try an internship abroad?

Here’s why an internship abroad can be so much more than what you think it can ….


1. Learning to adapt

If you make the step to intern abroad, you will find yourself in a completely new environment, not simply a new office. All of your surroundings will change. The streets, the language, the lifestyle, the people, the culture  … it won’t be the familiar environment you are used to. Of course, this is challenging …and you will get lost along the way! But it is so rewarding. As you learn to adapt you will discover things about yourself you didn’t know existed and you will be exposed to a full life experience, not only a work experience!

2. Global connections

Diving into an employment experience in a new country can be intimidating at first. You’ll meet people from a different culture, work in a brand new environment and learn to work within your industry from a whole new perspective. As you learn in your new environment and form connections with your colleagues and peers, a new world of contacts and possibilities open up to you. These contacts create global connections for you that you will be able to learn from, maintain and even grant you future career opportunities.

3. Personal growth

It sounds cliché but it couldn’t be more true. As you experience challenges in your new work environment and face different cultural barriers … you’ll learn a lot about yourself! You will realize some of the fears you have and some of the limits you may be putting on yourself that you didn’t realize you were.

You’ll also see qualities in yourself you didn’t know you had too; maybe you enjoy meeting new people, maybe you pick up new information quickly or maybe you find it easy to understand new perspectives and cultures. Whatever the learning may be… you will notice it and it is sure to be a life changing experience!

4. Unique moments

If it is your first time abroad or your first time in the country, you are bound to create so many unforgettable memories! You will have the chance to try new foods and typical delicacies from the area, meet new people, see a different way of life, visit important monuments, go on unique excursions, make international friends and enjoy the world!

An internship abroad is a FULL EXPERIENCE … and if you take this opportunity, you’ll realize that it is so much more than an extra bullet point on your resume!
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