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The Requena Harvest Fair

Every summer, a major event that takes place in the Valencian community is the Feria de la vendimia de Requena (The Requena Harvest Fair). It is the oldest harvest festival in Spain and marks the celebration of the quality wine that is produced in the area. It is very popular for both Spaniards and international tourists!

How did it come about?

The story goes that the festival started as a result of the depression felt by the people of Requena following World War II and the Spanish Civil War. So, in an attempt to do something that would bring joy and hope to the town’s people, they celebrated the two things that brought livelihood to the people; wine and vintage.

Where is it?

Requena is a small town situated in the Cabrillas mountains inland from the city of Valencia, roughly a 45 minute car ride from the city. The town used to be a Moorish fortress and still has remnants of the original town’s walls.

When is it?

This year the celebrations will be held from August 22nd to September 2nd.

What’s in store for you?

The fair gives you the chance to witness traditional customs, try authentic food and of course, taste the extraordinary wine from this region! The Requena Wine Fair is a definite must-see while you are in Valencia this summer! Here are some of the diverse events in store for you:

– An array of wine booths and stalls where you can buy all different types of wine, as well as tasting sessions of the wines from several wineries of this region

– Spectacular live music shows based on different themes and genres … such as the Hollywood Musical taking you back to the Hollywood Golden Years!

-Traditional dance festivals exhibiting traditional clothes, music, customs and styles of dance.

-A medieval market selling unique items and handmade arts and crafts

– Food and drink contests such as a competition for the best Paella as well as many classifications of wine contests

– Fantastic sound and light displays such as fireworks at night and gun powder explosions (mascletàs) during the day

These events and so much more will be on offer in Requena over the coming days. It is a unique cultural event and there’s definitely something for everyone! Here’s the timetable to see the times and dates of specific events: Requena Fair 2018

And here’s a link to our Blog to find out more about different activities and events going on in Valencia this summer.


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