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Why Play Soccer in Spain?


Soccer (or football as it’s known in Europe) is an international phenomenon! The FIFA World Cup this summer proved just that boasting record breaking viewing statistics! The football community is growing all over the world, and for each country, football has a special importance for them.

Here in Spain, football is everything! It’s the national sport and what’s more, it is home to arguably the best football league in the world: La Liga and arguably the best player: Lionel Messi! Spain has a deep rooted football culture and each town and city have their own special memories, customs, songs and traditions associated with their favorite teams. Here’s some top reasons why Spain is an unbeatable location when it comes to playing football:

Best league, Best players

Spain is home to La Liga, internationally recognized as one of the best, if not the best, football leagues in the world. Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the best clubs in the world that compete in La Liga, and between them, they have one of the most renowned rivalries in the game, dubbed ‘el clásico’.

If you come to Spain, you’ll have the opportunity to watch some of the best players in the world, at the highest level of play. Watching the Spanish game is different to other leagues, some say it’s more possession based and everyone will agree that it is very technical- regardless, there’s a lot to learn from these players! What’s more, if you are looking to improve your game or seek professional opportunities, Spain offers a very high level of play, at professional and youth levels, in academies and clubs across the country. There are also prestigious tournaments played throughout the year where there’s the chance to play against elite level competition.


Spanish Style of Play

The Spaniards have a famous style of play known as the tiki-taka style. It is renowned for being fast, controlled and possession based. With the success of the Spanish national team and Spanish club teams over the last decade, it is clear to see that their style of play is successful, difficult to play against if you’re the opposing team and beautiful to watch!

Barcelona have epitomized this style and many other nations and clubs have tried to take note. Therefore, coming to play in Spain whether it be on a summer camp, a team tour or in a tournament, will expose you to the foundations of this style and better your awareness of the different ways the game can be played.


Cutting edge facilities

The Spanish football clubs and academies have top of the range facilities from their first teams right down to their youth teams. Coming to Spain will give you the chance to train and play on these fields, feeling like a pro! In addition, professional teams will train at the same facilities as their youth teams, so there’s the opportunity to gain easy access and watch your favorite professional players while they practice.



Last but not least, Spain and in particular Valencia, has a wonderful climate for the majority of the year! The summers are hot, the spring and autumn are very pleasant and the winter is not unbearable like in other countries. Also, it barely rains so there’s much less chance of matches being cancelled and more  time to train and play throughout the year.

If you or your team are interested in playing football in Spain, we have some fantastic opportunities available . Click here to find out more about playing at seasonal camps, competing in tournaments or going on a customized tour with your team.

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