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10 Benefits of Yoga

Do you practice yoga? Or do you do other forms of exercise and think yoga isn’t for you?

Pretty much everyone has at least heard of yoga, even if they have never tried it before, as it’s gained increasing popularity over the last few years. The idea of ‘yoga’ can range from stereotypes of the flexible fit girl doing crazy yoga poses upside down all the way to the Zen Buddhist wearing mala beads around their neck and chanting in Sanskrit. However, these stereotypes do not give a real picture of what yoga is. Yoga can be intimidating or unappealing to those who think of it in one of these ways, and might think that it’s not for them. However, yoga is truly much different than that and a great activity for everyone!

Yoga is a practice that strengthens the body and mind at the same time, and is not only for flexible or fit people. It is a practice than can be modified to anyone and be beneficial in so many more ways than one may realize. In fact, most people who practice yoga probably find that the more they practice, the more their reason for practicing changes.


Let’s talk about the actual health benefits of yoga for the body. Listed below are 10 of the top benefits practicing yoga has on our physical body:

  1. Increases flexibility
  2. Builds strength
  3. Improves balance
  4. Reduces chronic pain
  5. Helps to improve posture
  6. Increases blood flow and helps with circulation
  7. Helps to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol
  8. Can aid in digestive issues
  9. Can help to prevent arthritis and joint pain
  10. Calms the nervous system


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