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Interview with a Summer Spanish Student


Just before our student Anja goes home, we asked her some quick questions about her Spanish experience and how she has found life in Valencia. Many of our summer students come for weeks or months at a time, learning Spanish and living in a new city. Anja’s insight on the study abroad experience can hopefully give you an idea of what’s in store if you take the opportunity to study abroad in Valencia.


Why did you want to learn Spanish?

Anja said that she came to learn Spanish because she has always been interested in the culture and always wanted to learn the language. Since high school she felt the desire to learn Spanish and so after she finished her studies she decided to come to Valencia, for the summer, to learn it.

How long was your course here at Euroace?

Her course lasted 6 weeks and she took 20 hours of classes per week, to really make the most of her learning experience. Anja participated in group classes, mentioning that she was able to make friends with other international students and learn Spanish in a supportive environment.

How has the course helped you to improve your Spanish skills?

Anja said that the course helped her “a lot”! The thing that she liked most about the classes was that they were delivered in a practical way, so she felt as though the things she learnt in class could be easily transferred to everyday situations. Another thing she highlighted was the abundance of communication which helped her to lose the fear of speaking a new language and to feel more comfortable with making mistakes and learning through this process.

What did you get out of the classes that you didn’t expect to?

One thing Anja didn’t expect was the classes to be so interactive. She assumed they would be based on theoretical type exercises so she was happy to discover this different teaching method and she really feels this made a big difference to her learning and overall acquisition of Spanish. She added that she has learnt a lot without really noticing the effort she has put in.

Would you recommend our language school to future students?

Anja sincerely remarked that she would recommend our language school, particularly because it is a smaller school with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. What’s more, she highlighted the advantages of learning in small groups because the teachers are interested in your learning, they pick up on the different learning styles of each student and they notice the improvements you make. She said this gave a personal feel to the classes which really helped her to feel comfortable and to learn in a more natural way.

What did you like most about living and studying in Valencia?

Anja said that she came to Valencia two years ago and fell in love with the city. For this reason, she decided to come back to the city to improve her Spanish and enjoy living in this culture again. For her the city has a positive feel, the people are very friendly, it’s affordable, there’s good nightlife and of course, beautiful beaches!

What advice would you give somebody who is thinking about coming to Spain to learn Spanish?

The first thing she advised was to try to prepare at home beforehand. She said it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics so that when you come to Spain you can use the language right away. Also, another piece of advice she gave was to learn about the country and the culture prior to arriving, so that you act in an appropriate way and avoid typical tourist mistakes!


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