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5 reasons why one-to-one Spanish could work for you

Do you want to learn Spanish but haven’t been successful before? Would you like to learn quickly? Do you need somebody to push you? Maybe one-to-one classes are the answer.

If you have time for a holiday or you are considering a study abroad opportunity, why not come to Spain and combine your travels with a personalized Spanish course. Here are 5 top reasons why…


  1. Learn at your own pace

Often Spanish evening classes or courses are dictated by the pace of the other students around you. You may be struggling to keep up and feel yourself missing the most important steps. Or, you may be experiencing the opposite, whereby the class is at a level that isn’t pushing you and you’d like more of a challenge.

The great thing about private classes is that they push you to just the right level, without having to cater for other students, and that way you will learn at a suitable pace and pick up the language more thoroughly and efficiently.

  1. Flexible timetable

    If you’re the only one in the class, you have a say on when they are held! This is especially important if you are doing a course during your break or holidays, because most likely plans change and it’s nice to have a course that can work with your plans. Also, if you need to make slight adjustments to the timing of the class for unforeseen reasons, it’s much easier to do so if you only have to communicate with the teacher.

  2. Best use of your holiday

    If you’re going to Spain, why not make the most of it? It’s your chance to delve into the culture and a one-to-one Spanish class can really help to accelerate your learning. Learning one on one with a native teacher will give you so much more than just language practice; it can also teach you elements of the culture such as history, traditions and unique behaviors.

  3. Put your lessons into practice

    Taking a one-to-one Spanish course here in Valencia means that when the class finishes, your learning does not. All that you have learnt with your Spanish teacher can be transferred to the real world around you. Pretty cool right?

    So, the classes can help you to grasp the main concepts, clear up your doubts and teach you important words and phrases to use immediately. Learning Spanish in Spain, with individual help, really can make the difference.

  4. Personalized course

    Last but not least, the course can be designed to suit you. From the outset, you can sit down with your teacher and discuss the main aspects you’d like to learn, the concepts you need to work on and the level you’re hoping to attain. This will make the class challenging enough to help you achieve your goals and specific enough to learn what you set out to. Enrolling in a Spanish one-to-one course may be the perfect next step for you.

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