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Quick Class of Valenciano


Do you know Valencia has its own regional language? Valencian is spread all over the Valencian Community and it’s a co-official language along with Spanish.

We know this might be a bit confusing and that’s why today we’ll teach you some useful words and expressions:

First, how to greet and say goodbye:

  • Bon dia = Good day (morning, afternoon… as long as there is light)
  • Bona nit = Good night (evening, night… as long as it is dark)
  • Adéu = Goodbye (people say “Au” to make it shorter)
  • Fins demà = See you tomorrow


Second, we will give you some phrases you can use when you are being introduced to someone:

  • – Com estàs? = How are you?
  • – Què tal? = How are you? (more informal, like “what’s up”)
  • – Molt bé, i tú? = I’m good, and you?
  • – Com et dius? = What’s your name?
  • – El meu nom és… = My name is…


Third, we would like you to understand directions, for example:

  • – Dreta/ Esquerra = Right/ Left
  • – Davant/ Darrere = In front/ Behind
  • – Abans/ Després = Before/ After
  • – Prop/ Lluny = Near/ Far


And last, let’s learn some polite expressions:

  • – Per favor = Please
  • – Gràcies = Thank you
  • – De res = You’re welcome


Did you know in the Valencian region there are many families who speak another language? Valencian is an official language along with Spanish (Castellano) in Valencia! Live with a host family and learn about Valencian for yourself!


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