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Top 10 Useful Phrases in Spain

Are you coming to Valencia? As you know Spanish is a very rich language and there is plenty of ways to say things.

We would like you to sound like a native and that’s why today we brought some of the most Spanish words and expressions and some others specific from Valencia:


Ojalá: This would be the equivalent to “if only” or “I wish”. It comes from Arabic and it is a very genuine Spanish expression since few languages have a word to express this feeling.

¡Déjame en paz!: We could translate this as “leave me alone”. It is always useful if someone is annoying you. Be careful though and use it just when necessary! It’s quite a strong statement.

Vale: “Okay”, “fine”, “understood”… Probably the most common word in Spain.

¡Que va!: This is a way to say “no”. It’s normally when something is already obvious, so we could translate it as “absolutely no” or “of course not”. For example, “Are you going to the game tomorrow?” “¡Que va! I have class”.

¡Es la leche!: This expression is used to say something or someone is great or amazing. This is a very Spanish expression and people will like it if you use it. It’s the milk!

Nada del otro mundo: This is used to say something is “nothing special”. We could translate it as “nothing out of this world”. You can use it if you are unimpressed by a place or an event you have attended., usually as an excuse to not to go out!

Andar/Estar muy liado: People use this to say they are very busy/ they have loads of things to do . The English equivalent would be “to have one’s hands full”.>

Brindis: This means a toast. “Brindar” means to drink a toast for something or someone. This is how you would propose a toast in Spanish: “Propongo un brindis por…”


The following words come from Valencian but are also used in Spanish. However, you will only find them in the Valencian Community. You might come across as a Valencian if you use them!

Nano: means “little kid” and is how Valencians informally appeal to each other. This would be the equivalent to using “man” or “dude”.

Torrà: means BBQ. You would say “barbacoa” in Spanish.

Ché: this has no translation. They use it for disappointment, surprise, irritation, happiness… It works for everything but you must know how to use it!

Choparse: this means to get completely soaked/wet. This verb doesn’t even appear in the dictionary but it is a common Valencian expression. They are not used to the rain after all…


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