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Student Feedback on our Sports Marketing Internship Program

We sat down with three of our Sports Marketing interns on the final day of their internship program, to ask them about their experience and what they’ve taken away from their time in Valencia.

Here’s what they had to say:


Why did you choose to do an internship in Spain?

All of the students agreed that one of the main reasons they chose to come to Spain to pursue an internship was for the travel experience and the opportunity to learn about a new culture.
Joe mentioned that studying in Spain gave him the chance to travel and try new things. Elena added that Spain is home to the best level of soccer in the world and so it was a perfect location to come and learn about sports marketing and especially the soccer industry.


How can the internship help your studies or future career prospects?

Kristian mentioned that in the future she would like to work in the sports industry and so having this internship under her belt would put her ahead of other people when it comes to work experience. She said the internship enabled her to gain an insight into the world of sports on a global level, and also, she realised the benefits of working for a family oriented company, where the workforce may be smaller but the staff support each other and enjoy the work they do.


What was a highlight of your Sports Marketing internship?

Joe said that a highlight for him was getting to see elite facilities and stadiums in Spain and witnessing the top level of sports in Europe, showing just how far a career in the sports industry can take you.
Kristian pointed out that it was the people she met and the connections she made that helped the internship experience to feel so special.


Did it influence your future study or career choices in any way?

For Elena, the internship helped her to feel more motivated towards her career and her future. She realised how necessary it is to prepare yourself, to get qualified and to learn as much as you can in order to grow and be successful.

Joe aspires to be an Athletic Director so he mentioned how valuable it was to work for an elite soccer club and learn about the soccer culture, rules and management. He described it as an eye opening experience and a great chance to understand the world of soccer.


Do you have any advice for future students taking an internship in Spain?

Elena’s advice for future students was not to be afraid if you don’t know how to speak Spanish. She advised to lose the fear of speaking Spanish, to give it your best shot and to open up to new adventures.
Joe advised students not to be passive and that even if you are in a situation that feels unfamiliar, don’t be afraid and try your best at it.

Kristian added that no matter how many weeks or months you are studying – it will fly by! Don’t waste your opportunity, try new things, ask your supervisor as many questions as you need to and don’t let it slip by you.

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