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History of the famous Valencian Festival: Las Fallas


Do you know what the “Fallas” are? If you are in Valencia you can’t miss this festivity, it’s literally the biggest event in the Valencian region. Streets are filled with activities, people and fire as the famous monuments are burnt on the final night! The whole city comes alive during this 5 day festival. If you want to know more about this famous event, take a look at this article:


The “Fallas” is a traditional celebration originating in Valencia and its surrounding towns. It officially starts on February’s last Sunday (Cridà), however, the main acts are performed from 15th to 19th March. This celebration is held in commemoration of Saint Joseph (19th March), carpenters’ patron saint, which used to be a very important guild in Valencia. This festival was added to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity list in 2016. Firecrackers in the streets and firework displays every day characterize this unique tradition, which has become the main touristic attraction of the city.

During the Fallas, each neighborhood of Valencia has an organized group of people (like an association) that works all year round holding fundraising events and constructing the big monuments known as “fallas” and the so called “ninots” (smaller figures which are also part of the monuments). There are approximately 400 different “fallas” in Valencia. As dictated by tradition, the monuments and all their figures are burnt at the end of the week… Crazy right? Well, not everything gets burnt down… there is a “ninot” that is saved from the flames every year. The associations compete to build the best monument, and they take it seriously! Unfortunately, only one figure is saved and is kept in the Fallas Museum (Museo Fallero).

This unique museum demonstrates the beauty of the Fallas monuments over past years and is located in the former Fathers Paul convent. You’ll get the chance to discover the heritage of popular Valencian culture and of this great festivity. The museum’s collection includes all the “ninots” which have been kept since 1934, along with the photographs of the best monuments and the winning designs of the annual poster competition.

If you would like to visit the Fallas Museum, take a look at our website and our summer activities.

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