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Outdoor Activities in Valencia


Valencia is a city with so much to do thanks to its location near the beach as well as the mountains. It’s also a city that takes full advantage of all the public outdoor spaces! From the beautiful parks to the beach, you’ll see people doing all sorts of exercise, such as walking, biking, doing yoga, or even group crossfit classes! Valencia is also known in Europe as a running city – almost every weekend you can find some sort of race to participate in! Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to enjoy the city for those of you wanting to get outside and enjoy the weather!
Beach Volleyball

During the summer months, Malvarossa Beach is full of people playing volleyball, and since the beach is so big, there are plenty of volleyball courts to choose from. Bring a volleyball and gather a group to play with!

Water Sports

Try windsurfing and kite surfing at the beach!

Paddleboard at the Beach

Take advantage of living near the sea and rent a paddleboard of your own at Malvarossa Beach!

Hiking in the Mountains

Valencia is not only a beach city, but since it’s located near the mountains there are more options for sports. Take the train to a nearby natural park and go for a hike! There are countless hiking trails around the city; one famous route is Sierra Calderona.

Go for a Run or Walk through Turia Park

Turia Park surrounds the entire city center of Valencia and is easy to get to from almost anywhere in the city. This beautiful park is also home to the City of Arts and Sciences. Every day from morning to night, the park is full of people walking, running, or biking. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery and escape the city!

Bike Everywhere and Anywhere

Go for a bike ride using the public bikes (Valenbisi) or by renting from one of the many vendors around the city – ride through the park, through the streets of the city, or all the way to the beach!

Yoga Intercambio at Euroace

Enjoy yoga classes on the beautiful terrace in the center of Valencia, in both English and Spanish!


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