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A Student’s Perspective on their Experience in Valencia


Allee is a Spanish student who came to Euroace with her school two summers ago for studying Spanish. She loved it so much she decided to come back to Valencia for two weeks this year, so we were able to chat with her about her experience! Here’s what she told us:


What do you like most about being in Valencia?

Valencia has a little bit of everything; it has the beach, mountains, and city, all combined into one. It’s a good sized city, not too big or small, and there is always something to do. I love that it’s easy to get around; you can walk pretty much everywhere, and the weather is temperate so you can almost always be outside.


What was the best part of your stay?

I came here to learn Spanish, so one of the best parts for me was the Spanish classes. I really enjoyed the classes because they are small; I liked that the teacher can pay attention to us individually and fix our mistakes, which is something that I really need. Teachers at Euroace really vary what they do in classes, so that’s great too. My Spanish improved significantly after my time in Valencia.


What are some of the main benefits of a study abroad experience for you?

Studying abroad provides a little bit of structure for traveling; there are always people you can go to for suggestions for what to do or where to eat, and other things like that. Coming with a group means that you have people to do things with all the time too!


Did you come across any challenges during your stay in Valencia?

The biggest challenge I would say is having to adjust to the Spanish time table; they eat at different times, go to sleep at different times, and wake up at different times, so I just had to readjust and figure out what that looked like if I wanted to try to adapt to their schedule. At first I also struggled to figure out the bus system. Apart from that, trying to communicate with host moms can be challenging sometimes, since it’s the first time any of us had been in that situation before, and it’s totally different than how you communicate with your teachers.


Do you have any advice for future incoming students?

Come with no expectations, ready to learn, completely open-minded, and ready to take in everything Valencia has to offer!

Don’t waste your time taking a nap or going to bed early, there is so much here to do and experience!


How do you think this experience benefited or will benefit your life afterwards?

It was my first time out of the country when I came to Valencia, so I became much more comfortable traveling internationally. Focusing completely on Spanish with native speakers was a huge benefit, too. I had huge improvements in my Spanish and I felt way more comfortable speaking Spanish with other people after.


What was your favorite activity you participated in with your group while in Valencia?

I loved when we went kayaking in a river on a weekend trip; it was such a blast. We got to see the Spanish countryside and it was something completely different than the kind of things we did in the city.

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