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Why learn Spanish One-on-One? A Teacher’s Perspective


Group and individual classes both have their benefits, but when it comes to taking the next step with your Spanish and really refining your language skills, one-on-one classes take the lead. Find out why, from a teacher’s perspective, individual classes may be the answer you’re looking for…

More Time for Talking

If you’re taking a one-on-one class, you will benefit from maximum speaking time with your teacher. The thing is, you avoid the situation of having a large, talkative group and finding yourself in the situation whereby you are speaking less than you would like to. With a private class this won’t be an issue, in fact, you’ll speak even more than the teacher!


Flexible Topics

If you partake in a group class, the teacher will most likely have already established the lesson content ahead of time and will try to stick to the main topics for each class. But if you’re alone, you can stray from the main topic and engage in new subjects that you find personally interesting or challenging. What’s more, if there are specific subjects you want to concentrate on, you can relay this to your teacher and the classes can be more customized for you and your personal learning. And of course, this means speeding up the learning process!


Location Options

The good thing about a one-on-one class is that between you and the teacher you can decide where the classes will take place. The majority of the time you have the option to do the class at your home, at the teacher’s home or at the school — whichever is the most convenient for you. This can be a huge help when it comes to cutting down travel time and expenses!


Virtual Classes

Another major asset of individual classes is the opportunity to do them online. At first this may seem a bit impersonal but as you get to know the teacher and you get used to the format, it can be a really useful learning tool. And this way, it means you don’t have to live close to your teacher whilst still gaining all the benefits of an individual class.

If you are considering a private Spanish course, our website has more details about one-on-one classes and specific courses. Find out more here.

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