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Make the most of your internship abroad

Unsure if you’ve chosen the right internship? Nervous about what’s in store? Or maybe you’re having last minute doubts about the destination you’re going to? These are perfectly normal reactions.

It’s a big decision and since we know it all too well, we’d like to give you some advice on how to make the most of your internship abroad:

  • Take it step by step. There will be a lot to get used to; new accommodation, new offices, new colleagues, new friends and maybe even a new language on top of all of this. Of course you will feel nervous and uncomfortable at times, but don’t worry. Be patient with yourself and do your best. Don’t shy away from new challenges and take them all one step at a time!
  • Worried you may have chosen the wrong internship? Don’t worry if the internship you’re taking doesn’t completely fit your specialty. Why? Because it can actually boost your CV! Showing you’ve got different interests, and more importantly, different capabilities goes a long way when applying for a full-time job, and will help you stand out from the crowd!
  • Don’t forget, it’s not only about the internship itself, but about the experience as a whole. Make the most of the city you’re living in. Even within the same country, each city has its own ambiance and cultural idiosyncrasies … especially in Spain! Wherever you choose to do your internship, you can be sure that you’ll gain lots of memorable experiences and a wider network. Acquiring both new opportunities and contacts are going to have a positive impact not only on your career but on your personal life too.
  • Lastly, if the internship you’re taking is different from what you expected and brings some new opportunities and interests … then this may help you to see that you’ve found the right path! Having the chance to learn new skills and branch out from what you know may make you realize you would like to modify your current degree/specialty and try something in this new field. On the other hand, an internship abroad with different challenges and tasks may reinforce just why you chose your degree in the first place. Either way you look at it, doing an internship abroad can only be a good idea!


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