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Student Interview: Insight from a Spanish Student


If you are thinking of studying abroad and would like to know more about an experience in Valencia, here we have an interview with Brooke, a Euroace student from Colorado!


During her stay, she participated in a 5 week Spanish language program and also opted to stay with a host family. We asked her some quick questions which can hopefully give you an idea of what’s in store if you take the opportunity of studying abroad in Valencia:


What did you like most about living in Valencia?

Unsurprisingly, Brooke’s first response was the weather! According to her, the warm climate and the almost non-existent rainy season in Valencia allowed her to fully enjoy her stay here. In addition to the weather she really enjoyed discovering the “relaxed culture” and way of life of the Spanish people, which in turn helped her to relax and enjoy her experience here.


What did you get out of the study abroad experience?

According to Brooke, her stay in Valencia helped to greatly improve her level of Spanish, what with attending classes every day in a small group setting. She admitted that living in a Spanish speaking environment really helped to enhance her speaking skills too. As well as language classes, she also participated in many other activities with Euroace such as kayaking and day trips to other Spanish cities. Thanks to Euroace she had the chance to experience lessons and social activities together, and she found that this balance made her trip fun and worthwhile.


Did you come across any challenges during your stay?

“Communication with my host family was difficult at the beginning” she said. “Also having to move around the city without internet was stressful sometimes”. Having a conversation with natives can be pretty challenging as well as finding where to go with just a map, especially if it’s your first time in the country. However, this is the fastest way you learn… getting out of your comfort zone!


Do you have any advice for future incoming students?

Brooke highly encouraged making an effort to immerse yourself in the culture and the language as much as possible. Students often come here for a short time and as she mentioned, it can be easy to just speak English with other international students. So, making the most of the cultural experience is something she recommends to help get the most out of your stay!


How did the experience here benefit your life afterwards?

One thing she highlighted was that her stay in Valencia helped her to be more open about life in general. A study abroad experience can help you to improve your social skills and it also gives you the chance to try new experiences; often leading to a new perspective on the world around you. As a result, Brooke said she feels way more capable of facing challenges now.

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