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Welcome to Fallas!


Finally the Fallas have arrived and there are loads of things to do and see. The city will be packed with people enjoying different events, shows, parades and spectacles- so, here we give you a list of the main events of interest and we offer some tips on how to help you “survive” this week!


15th March:

  • “Plantà” (raising) of the children’s monuments (Starting at 9:00h)
  • “Dawn of Fallas” with a wonderful firework display in the Town Hall Square (24:00h)


16th March:

  • “Plantà” of all of the big monuments (Also starting at 9:00h)
  • Firework display on Alameda Avenue (24:00h)


17th March:

  • The first day of the “Ofrenda a la Virgen” or the Offering of Flowers. More than 100,000 “fallers” and “falleres”, the men and women dressed in traditional clothes, will walk through the streets of Valencia heading to the Virgin Square. It is the most spectacular event of the week so you can’t miss it! (Starting at 15:30h)
  • Fireworks on Alameda Avenue at 1:00h (18th March, early morning).


18th March

  • The second day of the “Ofrenda a la Virgen” (Staring at 15:30h)
  • “Nit del Foc” on Alameda Avenue at 1:30h (19th March early morning). It is the biggest and longest fireworks display of the week. Probably the most beautiful one you’ll ever see!


19th March:

  • Fire invades the streets of Valencia! This event is called “La Cavalcada del Foc” and it is a parade of fire. The people carry what seem to be sprinklers of fire and the effect creates a wonderful show. This event precedes the most famous event; the “Cremà”. The procession will pass through the streets of Ruzafa and Colón, ending on “La Puerta del Mar”. (start time 19:00h)
  • “Cremà” or burning down of all the monuments (24:00h). The most famous part of the Fallas festival!
  • The final fireworks display takes place in the Town Hall square following the burning down of the final Town Hall monument at 1:00h (early morning of the 20th).


“Survival Tips”:

· Don’t ever wear your favourite clothes!

The smell of smoke will be all around the city throughout the whole week and your clothes will stink of it and may even get burnt too.

· Bring your sunglasses and a (thin) jacket. The weather can vary: the sun will be burning strong as you watch the “mascletà” during midday, but it will get a bit colder once the sun goes down. So be prepared for both scenarios.

· Mentioning the “mascletà”… try to watch it with your mouth open! This isn’t not a joke, it will help you protect your eardrums as the sound is able to escape out of your mouth.

· When visiting the monuments, try to go against the tide. “Fallas” is such a massive event and, at some times of the day, the monuments will be too crowded to appreciate them properly.

· Keep away from the “borrachos”… and no, we are not talking about drunk people. This kind of rocket is widely used during the week and it can be really dangerous. They make a peculiar noise and move with the wind. If you are already close to one, then try to avoid it or just stay still so it won’t follow you!

· Don’t forget to attend the best concerts, “verbenas” and “discomóbiles”. Each “falla” will hold events at night and almost all of them will include music and drinks. Have a look at the different parties here:


If you need any more information about Fallas, take a look here.

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