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Fallas Exhibitions


Fallas are fast approaching and there’s still some things we want you to know so that you don’t miss out! You’re probably wondering whether there any Fallas exhibitions or museums so that you can discover the origins of the festivities… well, there are! Here’s some more information on Fallas exhibitions:


Ninot exhibition

What is a “ninot”? Well, a ninot is one of the individual figures that appear in the enormous monuments. Each “artista faller” selects the “ninot” he considers to be the best representation of the entire monument he’s been working on and, a few weeks before the “plantà” (when the monuments are put up for display in the streets), all the selected “ninots” are displayed in the Ninot Exhibition (at the Arts and Sciences City).

The lucky winners (one from the children’s competition and the other from the large monuments competition) escape the flames of the last night and they are incorporated into the Fallas Museum.

And guess what? You can take part in the voting process! Drop by to the exhibition and vote for your favourite “ninot”. It’ll be open until March 14th for the children’s “ninots” and March 15th for the big ones. Save your favorite “ninot” from the flames and cast your vote!


Fallas Museum

Commonly known as “Museu Faller”, it is located in the former Father Paul’s convent. Here you’ll get the chance to see the heritage of popular Valencian culture and the true origins of this monumental festivity.

The museum’s collection includes all of the “ninots” that have been pardoned since 1934! Along with these, you can see photographs of the best monuments across all previous festivals and also on display are the winning designs of the annual poster competition.

If you want to find out any more about the Fallas and what’s in store, go to our News page. Or if you need any more information about the city of Valencia, then check out the following link: About Valencia


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