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Fallas: Part two


We are finally in the month of Fallas! In Fallas: Part one, we shared some of the main parts of Fallas with you like the Mascletà and the Offering of Flowers. In Part two we’ll give you some more tips and ideas of what to do and see during these fun filled celebrations!


Streets of Lights

A great spectacle during Fallas are the many streets filled with lights. Big crowds gather to see the lights turn on each evening and the switch on can be accompanied with music and fireworks to really set the town alight!

The main neighbourhood where the lights are put up is called Ruzafa. Here’s a list of the main streets where the lights shows take place:

Falla Cuba-Literato Azorín – this was the winner of the best street with lights last year and this year it will have a lights or fireworks show every night at 20:30pm.

Falla Avda. Malvarrosa – A. Ponz-Cavite – lights and music shows every evening at 20:30pm, lasting for 30-40mins.

Falla Cuba – Puerto Rico. – shows start at 20:00pm every night.

Falla Sueca-Literato Azorín – shows also start each evening at 20:00pm.


Typical Bites?

The Fallas are great for trying all types of cuisines, but the regional eats are a big part of the festival. In fact, the Fallas festival symbolizes the beginning of Spring and so reuniting with friends over a ‘paelleta’. Valencian paella and seafood paella are amongst the main rice dishes to try during Fallas!

In terms of street food, the most popular is the ‘buñuelo’. It’s like a donut but irregular shaped and one of the ingredients is ground pumpkin. We won’t tell you how good it is, you just need to try it for yourself!


And the winner is..

The Fallas monuments are showcased all over the city during the festivities and the public can cast their vote for their favourites! There are two competitions; the large fallas and also the children’s fallas. These sculptures take a whole year to create and they are made to represent different themes, like politics or celebrity culture for example. The jury visits all of the city’s sculptures and declares the winners on the 17th!


‘La Cremà’ or The Burning

On the night of the last day, all of the sculptures go up in flames! At 22:00pm the burning of the children’s sculptures begins and then at 24:00pm the large sculptures are set alight. This is a very traditional part of the festival and one of the main attractions for tourists, although it is a shame to see such beautiful pieces of art go up in flames, it is an emblem of the Valencian spirit and symbolizes purification.

The last monument to burn is the one in front of the Town Hall and before the match is lit there is one last fireworks display in the square. The burning of this falla brings the festival to an end.


If you are looking for any more information about the city of Valencia, then check out the following link:

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