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What is The Crida in Valencia?


The Crida marks the official opening of the Fallas Festival in Valencia!

This year the Crida takes place on Sunday 25th February, starting at 8pm.
The committees of the Fallas come together beneath the famous and historical Serranos Towers in Valencia to welcome the party of the year!

When the Fallera Mayor or the elected festival queen steps up to give her speech, she proclaims the festival has begun and invites everyone to enjoy the festival.

To celebrate the beginning of the Fallas, fireworks are set off following the speeches and wonderful displays of light and music can be seen. It really is a wonderful spectacle!!


The Fallas Festival

The main celebrations of the Fallas, including the Mascletà and the putting up of the famous Fallas monuments, officially start on Thursday 15th March. This is when the city really comes to life and there are more events and activities for tourists and locals to enjoy!

The Fallas bring thousands of tourists to Valencia every year. It is a tradition that is now internationally recognised and puts Valencia on the map as a must-visit during the Spring season!

As well as Fallas, Valencia is home to so much more. The possibilities to enjoy outdoor activities, historical trips, gastronomic festivals and nature excursions are some of the few experiences it has to offer our international visitors. Take a look at our Activities page to learn more about what you can see and do in Valencia:


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