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5 major benefits of staying with a host family


Are you thinking of studying abroad? Or you’d like to take an internship in Spain to boost your credentials? Staying with a host family during your experience really can make the difference when trying to pick up Spanish or getting to know the true Spanish culture.

5 of the main benefits you will find when you stay with a host family:


  1. Spanish all day every day

Coming to Spain to study, work or complete an internship is a great idea if you want to improve your professional career alongside your Spanish language skills. Staying with a host family means you can practice Spanish even after your internship or language classes have finished, and what’s more, they can answer any cultural questions you have to boost your learning!

  1. Living like the locals

If you choose a homestay it really is a unique experience. You get to see at first-hand how the locals live: where they go, what they like to do and the habits and schedules they live by. For example, in Spain you will surely adjust to the different meal times and working hours of industries. A local family can also teach you a traditional game, how to cook a special dish or introduce you to a local TV show or past time. It’s not something you’d get if you were to stay in a different type of accommodation.

  1. Homemade meals

If we think about what we like about our own homes, home cooked meals are usually at the top of the list! Instead of venturing to expensive restaurants or the usual food chains, staying with a host family can give you the chance to try special home dishes. If you are interested in cooking, you could even learn how to cook local dishes and learn cooking techniques and tips at first-hand in a traditional family environment.

  1. A new Spanish family

Living with a family creates strong bonds and even after the homestay has finished, you can keep in touch and go back to visit them in the future. It’s great to be able to share an experience with a family from a completely different culture and form lifetime friendships with them. What’s more, living abroad can be a nerve-racking experience so a host family can definitely help to combat the homesickness you may feel!

  1. Get involved in the true culture!

Staying with a local family helps you to experience the real culture of that town. They can show you traditions and take you to events that maybe you wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for them. Also, if there is someone the same age as you in the host family, then joining their friendship group is the best way to see the typical social life and integrate even more! Family celebrations are also really fun as you can see how they would typically celebrate whilst feeling like you are a part of the new celebrations.


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