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Fallas: Part one


The Fallas are only one month away! If you are an international living in Valencia or a tourist thinking of visiting Valencia for the famous Fallas festivities, here’s all you need to know:


What are the Fallas?

The Fallas are a 5 day celebration held in Valencia in commemoration of Saint Joseph. For 5 days, from 15th-19th March, the city lights up (literally!) with fireworks, celebrations and many unique events.
People come to Valencia from all over the world, especially to see the magnificent Fallas (monuments) that are displayed all across the city. Each neighbourhood of the city works hard all year to create a cardboard/ paper-mâché monument known as a falla and they really are incredible works of art! The public gets to view the monuments and cast their votes for the winner, before they are all burnt on the last day of the celebrations!

What’s the Mascletà?

Every day at 2pm during the Fallas, the Mascletà deafens the city! It’ a traditional display of gunpowder explosions that will leave you stunned, the sound is so loud you can feel it! This is held in the Town Hall Square and is definitely worth the experience.

What’s the Offering of Flowers?

In Spanish ‘La Ofrenda de Flores’ is a traditional event that begins with a parade on the 17th March leading to the Plaza de la Virgin. The falleras (girls dressed in traditional clothing) make offerings of flowers to the Patron Saint of Valencia. This celebration starts at 4pm but can last well into the next day!

The offerings are made to the Virgin which is symbolized by an impressive 15 metre high tapestry at the main façade of the Basilica! It’s a typical showcase of Spanish tradition and culture and one of the main events of the Fallas in Valencia


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