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5 reasons to learn Spanish abroad


Learning a new language is a fun and challenging experience to say the least! Learning abroad can take your Spanish to the next level. As you immerse yourself in the culture it helps to give you a full appreciation of the language and in turn, you can grow as your Spanish does too!


Here are 5 of our top reasons why learning Spanish in Spain is an unbeatable option for you:

  1. It’s faster!

Let’s face it, many of us want to learn a new language quickly, so that we can put it into practice as soon as possible. Whether that be to pass an exam, to apply for a job or simply to improve ahead of a trip to a foreign land. Being fully surrounded by the language you want to learn and its culture will only help you to improve your Spanish skills more quickly! It’s like an intensive course that challenges your brain to adapt and pick up new ideas every day.

  1. Living in a new city

As well as learning the language you have the chance to explore a new city! Valencia, a coastal city in the East of Spain, offers a lot in the way of culture, tradition and unique cuisine. With a brand new culture on your doorstep, you will have the chance to grow personally and to enjoy all the new experiences that come with living abroad.

  1. More employment opportunities

Of course living abroad has many plus points and in addition to this, you can enhance your network by forming international connections. A new city offers the chance to meet many people and to learn about business on an international level. What’s more, having language skills combined with direct experience in that country could be the difference when a company is looking to hire you over a competitor.

  1. Lifetime friendships

Travelling is the best way to meet new people and of course, new friends! It’s true that when you go to a new place there are many people to meet but these people may not always be willing to get to know you. So, this is why it’s important to active when meeting new people. If you approach your Spanish experience with open arms and actively seek opportunities to engage with the locals, you will soon make new connections.

  1. Learning is everywhere!

Lastly, the main reason to learn Spanish abroad is because your environment is also your teacher. From the minute you step out of your door, the lesson begins! There is always an opportunity to listen to the language at first hand, to read signs and newspapers, to interact with locals and to experience the culture directly.

Enrolling in a language school only adds to the learning experience. It can be a way to help you make sense of the constant information you are receiving and to process it in a logical, step by step manner.


What are you waiting for?

Make the most of your learning experience with individual or group classes. This way, you can meet new people or if you prefer, concentrate on your own learning to really boost your level and future possibilities! Find out more here: Spanish Courses Euroace

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