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What to expect when studying abroad


Adapt to your host country

Do research on your host country and be prepared. It is very important to adapt to your host country’s way of life. Leave your preconceived ideas behind. Learn onsite and embrace the differences that a new country like Spain offers: different food, eating times, stores opening hours, local friendliness, weather and lifestyle. Welcome all these changes, avoid eating in fast food chains, learn how to cook local food and try to make local who friends who will happily show you the non-touristic side of your experience.


Learn the language

Probably you know how to say ‘Hola’ and ‘Adiós’ (Hello and Goodbye). As this is fine for your first hour in Spain, you will need to learn the language in order to maximize your time in the country. Learning the language will enable you to enjoy the abroad experience in a way that you will thank every single hour you have invested in studying and improving the language. It is challenging but so rewarding. Be patient, be constant and you will see positive results.


Travel around

Upon arrival, many of your friends and family will ask for you to explain your experiences and to tell them what you have done. It would be a shame to answer back “I didn’t travel, I stayed at home”. Maximize you time, if you have the chance to register to any fun activity, do so. If you have the chance to buy a cheap flight or train ticket, do so. Valencia offers international students a great variety of cities to quickly travel to: Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Granada, Sevilla or Mallorca, just to name a few. Make the most


Immerse in the culture

It is imperative that you dive into your host country’s culture. What a better way to experience a country than to immerse in its culture. Monuments, art, fashion, gastronomy, timetables, festivities, dance, music, sports, …. Make friends with the locals, it will enhance your experience. But how do you meet locals? Easy, at language exchanges and different cultural activities you will meet local people. Take the time to interact and practice what you have been learning.

Studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime. Get in touch with Euroace and start planning your abroad experience in Spain.

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