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Things that shock internationals when moving to Valencia


These are 7 things that shock international students when arriving to Valencia. Do you agree?


  1. Weather – with long summers and mild winters Valencia has an excellent climate that allows students to visit the city, walk and do fun activities, or simply eat and drink in one of its many tapas’ terraces.


  1. Food – Valencia is home to Spain’s national dish, ‘la paella’. International students get the chance to eat this tasty rice dish in all its varieties (and many expect chorizo, but reality is there is no chorizo!) at a very good price.


  1. Lunch time – Do not expect to see a restaurant open before 1pm. Spanish people start eating their lunch around 2pm and it should not be a surprise to see locals eating after 3pm. So if you are hungry make sure you eat your mid-morning snack!


  1. Dinner time – If lunch finishes around 3.30pm, dinner won’t be anytime sooner than 9pm. Any time before 9pm is considered a mid-afternoon snack. During the weekend it is common to book a table at a restaurant after 10.30pm.


  1. Siesta – Often international students expect to see Spanish people taking siestas after lunch. This doesn’t happen anymore, at least in most workplaces. Unfortunately, many Spanish companies have lost the tradition as they compete in international markets that do not allow time to have a quick nap.


  1. Bull fighting – You will see the beautiful bullring next to the train station. This bullring is only open in March and July for bull fighting. During the other 10 months, international concerts and shows will take place as bull-fighting is losing popularity


  1. Fallas – is a traditional celebration held in March. Each neighbourhood of the city works to build a cardboard and paper-mâché artistic monument that will be burnt on the night of Saint Joseph. An explosive barrage of coordinated firecrackers and fireworks take place at 2pm every day of the festival.


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